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2 Cows & Calves Today

Every day is different whale watching and you just never know what you are going to find. Today after watching several pods of adult whales we headed back into King George Sound and found a Humpback cow and calf heading out of the sound. They were not wanting to be watched so after we confirmed that we did have a new born calf we headed back to the marina via the coast. As we got close to Whale World / Discovery Bay Tourism Experience we found one of the smallest cows with a new born calf I have ever seen. Picture attached although you cant tell from this photo. They tell us that Humpbacks reach sexual maturity at 10 years of age and 10 metres in length. This cow was just 10 metres long.

4th Calf for the Season

We head out and find 2 small Humpbacks, but they are pretty quiet and we can see splashes over towards Herald reef. We arrive to find 2 adult Humpbacks and a new born calf. We enjoyed the antics of the little calf as it breached and tail slapped for over 30 minutes.

Humpbacks Still Coming Through In Large Numbers

We find 2 small Humpbacks very close to the coast east of Limestone Head but have a whale, tail slapping north of us. We head to them and they stop after 1 tail slap. We have 2 more Humpback's come past us and head to Seal Rk. We have whales breaching out deep. We head out for a look but cant find any whales close so come back in to King George Sound. 2 whales are heading out of the sound as we come back, we find the other whales as they head into Whale World. We leave and head for home as the whales head out.

Two Great Days Whale Watching

FRIDAY. With showers heading our way we head from the Marina and as we cruise through Frenchman Bay we are limited with our visibility and cant find any of the whales Bernie saw earlier heading this way. We head out to "The Line" and find several pods of whales. We count about 15 in total. We head back into King George Sound were we find 2 adults and a new calf. The calf puts on a show by breaching towards us getting to within 50 metres of our stationary vessel. We continue on towards the marina and find several more pods. Two humpbacks are leaving Princess Royal Harbour as a bulk carrier also leaves the Harbour. SATURDAY. We head out in much better weather than was forecast today to find wh

Some Days are Diamonds

A day off because of strong winds but every one is excited that we have calm weather today, even the rain is staying away. We head out and find Humpbacks heading towards Frenchman Bay. We count 7 whales after some time of following them. They are charging around splitting in to several pods and then regrouping. It seams that the group of brits that have had troubles with any marine nature trip they have tried will succeed today. We have whales swimming under us and then turning and coming back for a closer look. As we head to Whale World to check out other whales a breaching whale is seen north of us, so we head over hoping to catch a picture. It stops breaching of course but we find 3 whale

Sighting Catch up

26 June - 3 Humpbacks & 1 Southern Right 27 June - Am - 3 Humpbacks Pm - 2 Humpbacks 28 June - Strong Winds - No Cruise 29 June - 15 plus Humpbacks - inc new calf 30 June - 8 plus Humpbacks 1 July - 3 Humpbacks 2 July - 15-20 Humpbacks 3&4 July - Strong Winds - No Cruise 5 July - 15-20 Humpbacks 6 July - 2 Humpbacks 7 July - 2 Humpbacks 8 July - 4 Humpbacks 9 July - 9 Humpbacks 10 July - 8+ Humpbacks As you can see every day is different, we never know what we will find. Some days we are restrained by weather conditions. We could go to where more whales are but then we might miss them swimming around us so we get a good look at them. One such day we followed 2 whales for 45 minutes to be re

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