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3 Humpbacks cruising into the Sound.

We head out to where Bernie tells us blows have been seen. We see 1 blow and cruise through the area but nothing more is seen. Out on the line we have to contend with SE swell and its making things a little uncomfortable for some of the children aboard. We head to the islands and find 3 Humpbacks slightly east of Michaelmas Island. We have 2 whales about 10 metres in length and the other about 13 metres. We follow between the Islands and as they head towards Bald Head. We leave and head towards Gull Rk so we don't get wet while on the fly-bridge and passengers sitting on the bow.

We get back to the marina and when I leave the office I note the other whale watching vessel although watching the same whales has written on their board that they saw 6 humpbacks and 2 of them were calves.

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