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Someone is Looking After Us

We head out of Princess Royal Harbour as as we head towards Breaksea Island but because of the strengthening NE winds, up on the fly bridge of the Silver Star II, we are getting covered with salt spray at times. So I change course to head straight into the wind. With intentions to tack and to then head to Breaksea Island. As we get closer to Herald Reef the less I want to tack and then we spot blows off in the distance. The blows are several km away and we have a thought that it may be the Southern Right cow that was in KGS last week. As we get closer to the whales it is easy to see that we have 2 Humpbacks cruising towards us. Seems that the gods are looking after today. We turn and follow these 2 whales as they cruise over Herald Reef, past Gull Rock, into Middleton Beach and then cruise past Marine Drive. They look like they may enter PRH but turn, just in front of us and head towards Mistaken Island.

The weather forecast for the next few days is not looking so good but from Wednesday through to Saturday is looking good.

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