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9 Humpbacks for today's cruise

June 14th Whale Report With light showers forecast we depart the marina. The misty rain will limit visibility but we have plenty of undercover area and we enjoy a hot drink as we cruise across King George Sound. I spot a foot print (a calm patch of water caused by a whales tail as it travels close to the surface) about ¾ of the way across the Sound. It is a very small humpback whales but it is not spending any time on the surface, so we head further out. We spot a breach and by the time we arrive the whale has given up but we follow 2 small Humpbacks until they get close to Bauld Head. We turn and looking east see several more blows with in a very short time. This tells us we may have a pod of 4 or 5 whales heading towards us. We head east about 1 km and then sit and wait for the whales to come to us. There are 4 whales in this pod, one very small but not a calf. We tag along until we are close once again to Bauld Head. We then go into the cove and count the New Zealand Fur Seals “sun baking”. Well that’s how Karina described their lazing on the rocks. After photo opportunities with the seals we turn to leave the cove and spot blows 800 metres east of us. We cruise over for a look and find 2 more humpbacks. These whales offer good pictures of their tails and then dive so we turn and cruise the coast back to the marina.

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