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Whales in King George Sound

Strong SW winds can create problems, but we find 2 whales heading through the Mussel Lease on the Northern side of Mistaken Island 1 splits off and heads to Michaelmas Island, but we cruise with the other through Frenchman Bay and past Discovery Bay / Whale World. At times the whale is just metres from us as it changes directions. Not knowing where it wants to head. We spot whales NE of Limestone and they head into the coast and we think the 3 whales will join up but this not to be. More whales are out off the coast in some choppy seas and we point them out to passengers but there seams no reason to go out to choppy seas if the whales are not more active or easier to watch than the ones we a

Every Day Is Different

After a big day yesterday when every direction you looked in King George Sound you could see blows. Today they were a little harder to find. We find 1 quiet humpback between Breaksea Island and Bald head but cruising out of the sound. Then we see tail slaps out deeper so we put the hammer down and get there but the whales stop putting on a show and head towards Bald Head. We find more whales in the area and watch until they round Bald Head. We head for calmer waters and find 2 humpbacks half way across the sound in calmer waters.

15 plus Whales Today

Its a sombre day today as we stand off as Albany Sea Rescue "Rescue 1" travels from Emu Point to the Albany Marina with Fred Bairstow aboard for his last boat trip. When the vessels have passed the wood chip berth we continue out to King George Sound. We have heard already that several pods of whales have been spotted. The first pod we find has some where between 7 and 10 whales in it, but they are hard to put a number on them as they charge around the sound. As we follow several other pods are seen all over the sound. At times other whales get to be within 100 metres of the large pod but stay clear and travel on as if no other whales were in the area. A small whale comes in to us as we foll

9 Humpbacks for the Cruise

We head out and Peter Bell from Discovery Bay txt to say 5 whales had been seen in King George Sound. We cruise through Frenchman Bay but think that they may have headed out of the Sound already. We find 1 young whale cruising quietly towards Bald Head, so we follow until we spot a pod of 3 whales further east, with 1 whale breaching and we take a closer look. We head back into King George Sound as I'm sure none of the whales spotted were the ones Peter had seen. As we enter KGS 2 Humpbacks are heading out of the Sound along the southern coast and 2 are several hundred metres off to our starboard side. But we see a whale smashing its tail as above, over towards Seal Rock. We head that way an

What am I doing Wrong?

We head out today with only 8 people on-board. And we are with 2 humpback whales within 30 minutes. The other whale watching boat in Albany gets to us at about 11am. We continue to follow the whales and the other boat tags along for a little while. At times we can see they have little idea where the whales are. After cutting the whales off 100 metres ahead of us the boat turns and heads further out of King George Sound. We wait for the whales to surface once again and then head for home with all our passengers pleased they have traveled with us. One passenger comments that they don't understand why the other vessel had more passengers than we did, on such a day, when the weather was not the

First Humpback Calf for 2016

We head to Frenchman Bay and find a very young whale. It is with a pod of about 15 dolphins. It swims around us several times and we drift along with it for about 45 minutes. We have seen a couple of blows over towards Mistaken Island and find 2 young whales there also. Scanning the area we see blows in the mussel lease and it is not long before I am sure we have our first humpback calf for the season. A humpback calf is about 2.5 to 3 metres in length and most times it is grey in colour. The calf in the above picture is only about 10 days old as shown by its bent over fin.

8 Metre Humpback in Princess Royal Harbour

A very small Humpback cruised the shallow waters of princess Royal Harbour on Thursday. At times we watched on as it swam upside down in water no deeper than 3 metres deep. We had already watched 8 humpbacks out deep on "The Line"

Strong SE Winds no good for Whale-Watching

With strong winds and heavy rain over night I didn't think our chances would be good for cruising today. I drove around Marine Drive to check conditions on the way to the boat and this confirmed my thoughts. We did have a coach booked and when I explained about the conditions to the passengers, one lady thanked me for thinking of her safety. I explained I was not worried about her safety on my boat I was worried about her enjoyment with a cruise in such conditions. Just because my boat is built to handle the conditions doesn't mean that I should take people out in such conditions! We advised the Visitor Centre and several passengers of our decision. One lady who was on the last day of her ho

Humpbacks in PRH

Calm conditions greet us as we prepare the boat for today's cruise and Bernie comes down to tell us that 3 Humpbacks are entering Princess Royal Harbour. We head out and find the whales are now leaving PRH. We follow as they head towards Discovery Bay then change direction towards Goode Beach now turning and heading east slowly. As the whales now head out of the Sound, we find a local sardine purse-seiner and go to see if any of the dolphins that have left us have found them. We watch as the last of the net is brought in but alas no fish have been caught. Some passengers comment on the fact that the crew on the fishing boat are still smiling after working and catching no fish. "Find somethin

1st Southern Right for 2016

WOW we cruise across a calm KGS and spot blows that look like those of a Southern Right whale. And with 18 years of watching whales has paid off. We watch the Southern Right for some time as it slowly swims around in an area of several hectares. We spot a small blow further out towards Breaksea Island so go to check it out. We find a very small Humpback, but it was hard to watch so we head to other blows out on "The Line" We see several pods but choose to go to the closest pod. We find 2 good size Humpbacks and follow as they head to Bald Head and then we head North across the sound as we have seen a breach about half way across the sound. I slow down some distance from blows I had seen and

3 Humpbacks cruising into the Sound.

We head out to where Bernie tells us blows have been seen. We see 1 blow and cruise through the area but nothing more is seen. Out on the line we have to contend with SE swell and its making things a little uncomfortable for some of the children aboard. We head to the islands and find 3 Humpbacks slightly east of Michaelmas Island. We have 2 whales about 10 metres in length and the other about 13 metres. We follow between the Islands and as they head towards Bald Head. We leave and head towards Gull Rk so we don't get wet while on the fly-bridge and passengers sitting on the bow. We get back to the marina and when I leave the office I note the other whale watching vessel although watching th

4 Humpbacks in King George Sound

We find 4 large Humpbacks 1 km West of Michaelmas Island and spend 2 hours with them until we leave them North of Mistaken Island. With some passengers returning from yesterday and now some of today's passengers talking about coming back tomorrow. I do feel good when my passengers have had a good day.

4 Humpbacks today.

After cruising through King George Sound and out between the islands we spot blows a couple of km away down towards the eastern end of Nanarup Beach. We follow them along the beach until they get just off the estuary bar. When they head east I think it might be time we head for home.

Weather is no good today!

Sorry folks we don't want you to get seasick today so no trip to watch whales. Come back tomorrow and we will be glad to take you.

Pygmy Blue Whales

No whales were found on the first cruise but we found Pygmy Blue Whale cow and calf the following 2 days. We are also finding Humpbacks daily weather permitting.

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