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What am I doing Wrong?

We head out today with only 8 people on-board. And we are with 2 humpback whales within 30 minutes. The other whale watching boat in Albany gets to us at about 11am. We continue to follow the whales and the other boat tags along for a little while. At times we can see they have little idea where the whales are. After cutting the whales off 100 metres ahead of us the boat turns and heads further out of King George Sound.

We wait for the whales to surface once again and then head for home with all our passengers pleased they have traveled with us.

One passenger comments that they don't understand why the other vessel had more passengers than we did, on such a day, when the weather was not the best. They also comment on the fact that we have spent 1.5 hours with whales where as the other vessel was in the area for about 15 minutes.

I just cant answer as I believe we have one of the best vessels for watching whales in the state may be even in Australia. And according to the family aboard better whale watching than the east of Australia.

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