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Whales Breaching but Swell Running

June 13th Whale Report. We travel through King George Sound cruising on the southern side of Seal Rock hoping to find whales in the Sound, but with no luck we head out of the Sound. And its not long before screams from everybody onboard as we see a breaching whale off in the distance. With a good swell running it is important that every one keeps one hand for the boat and one hand for the camera. We find 2 Humpbacks and follow for some time as they slap their tails on the sea surface. With trying conditions we turn and head back towards KGS and see 3 more whales heading into KGS. We follow these whales for a little while then cruise back past Albany's Historic Whaling Station, along Goode Beach and back into Princess Royal Harbour. Wishing the whales had been found off Goode Beach on a day like today.

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