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9 Humpbacks for the Cruise

We head out and Peter Bell from Discovery Bay txt to say 5 whales had been seen in King George Sound. We cruise through Frenchman Bay but think that they may have headed out of the Sound already. We find 1 young whale cruising quietly towards Bald Head, so we follow until we spot a pod of 3 whales further east, with 1 whale breaching and we take a closer look. We head back into King George Sound as I'm sure none of the whales spotted were the ones Peter had seen. As we enter KGS 2 Humpbacks are heading out of the Sound along the southern coast and 2 are several hundred metres off to our starboard side. But we see a whale smashing its tail as above, over towards Seal Rock. We head that way and follow for about 30 minutes.

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