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Whales in King George Sound

Strong SW winds can create problems, but we find 2 whales heading through the Mussel Lease on the Northern side of Mistaken Island 1 splits off and heads to Michaelmas Island, but we cruise with the other through Frenchman Bay and past Discovery Bay / Whale World. At times the whale is just metres from us as it changes directions. Not knowing where it wants to head. We spot whales NE of Limestone and they head into the coast and we think the 3 whales will join up but this not to be. More whales are out off the coast in some choppy seas and we point them out to passengers but there seams no reason to go out to choppy seas if the whales are not more active or easier to watch than the ones we are with. e head back to the marina via Goode Beach and find a small Humpback whale heading towards Marine Drive lookout. We have dodged the rain for most of the cruise and our passengers are comfortable and warm as we head for the marina.

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