15 plus Whales Today

Its a sombre day today as we stand off as Albany Sea Rescue "Rescue 1" travels from Emu Point to the Albany Marina with Fred Bairstow aboard for his last boat trip.

When the vessels have passed the wood chip berth we continue out to King George Sound.

We have heard already that several pods of whales have been spotted. The first pod we find has some where between 7 and 10 whales in it, but they are hard to put a number on them as they charge around the sound. As we follow several other pods are seen all over the sound. At times other whales get to be within 100 metres of the large pod but stay clear and travel on as if no other whales were in the area. A small whale comes in to us as we follow the pod, swims around us and heads in the opposite direction to the large pod. We head over towards Seal Rock and find several more pods of whales. Then take a casual cruise around the coast back to the marina in time for lunch.

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