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1st Southern Right for 2016

WOW we cruise across a calm KGS and spot blows that look like those of a Southern Right whale. And with 18 years of watching whales has paid off. We watch the Southern Right for some time as it slowly swims around in an area of several hectares. We spot a small blow further out towards Breaksea Island so go to check it out. We find a very small Humpback, but it was hard to watch so we head to other blows out on "The Line" We see several pods but choose to go to the closest pod. We find 2 good size Humpbacks and follow as they head to Bald Head and then we head North across the sound as we have seen a breach about half way across the sound. I slow down some distance from blows I had seen and a very small Humpback surfaces along side the boat. It must be no more than 8 metres in length. And although very small it is not a calf. We continue north and find the Southern Right not far from where we left it.

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