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Strong SE Winds no good for Whale-Watching

With strong winds and heavy rain over night I didn't think our chances would be good for cruising today. I drove around Marine Drive to check conditions on the way to the boat and this confirmed my thoughts. We did have a coach booked and when I explained about the conditions to the passengers, one lady thanked me for thinking of her safety. I explained I was not worried about her safety on my boat I was worried about her enjoyment with a cruise in such conditions. Just because my boat is built to handle the conditions doesn't mean that I should take people out in such conditions!

We advised the Visitor Centre and several passengers of our decision.

One lady who was on the last day of her holiday in Albany choose to cruise with the other vessel operating in Albany. When she returned I asked how was her trip and she stated that "it was very choppy, she had seen blows but did not see the whales for any length of time. And she was off to Due South to try and warm up. And then she said to me that she would just accept that she would never see a whale.

I wonder why some charter operators continue just to take peoples money with what seems little regard for peoples enjoyment.

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