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Two Great Days Whale Watching


With showers heading our way we head from the Marina and as we cruise through Frenchman Bay we are limited with our visibility and cant find any of the whales Bernie saw earlier heading this way. We head out to "The Line" and find several pods of whales. We count about 15 in total. We head back into King George Sound were we find 2 adults and a new calf. The calf puts on a show by breaching towards us getting to within 50 metres of our stationary vessel. We continue on towards the marina and find several more pods. Two humpbacks are leaving Princess Royal Harbour as a bulk carrier also leaves the Harbour.


We head out in much better weather than was forecast today to find whales that had spent about 1 hour in Frenchman Bay but were now heading out via the middle of King George Sound. We follow for 40 minutes until the other boat arrives. We see several breaches out towards “The Line” as a bulk carrier heads into KGS. We head to have a closer look and we are meet with more breaches. I didn’t get any pictures as I took my camera home as batteries need to be charged. We follow for some time and the whales get curious and spend time checking us out too. We have whales all around us but we have to head back to the marina some time.

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