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2018 Season Starts

The 2018 Whale watching season has kicked off with a bang.

Friday we found 1 young humpback out between the islands.

Saturday we found several Humpback whales out on the line between Bauld Head and Breaksea Island. Then found a Pigmy Blue whale cow & calf charging west. We left them as they rounded Bauld Head.

Sunday morning with stunning sea conditions we find a young Humpback in King George Sound and follow to Limestone Head, we head off between the islands and are told of 2 humpbacks at the outer channel markers but we don't find them as we slowly head home. But what a day to be on the ocean in Albany.

Sunday afternoon we find the humpbacks that were seen at the channel markers that are now in Frenchman Bay. We follow to Limestone Head and then see breaching whales north of us about 1.5km. The attached pictures are just some I captured.

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